Multiple Intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences

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Headline: We are all readers

Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and Education explores innovative ways to apply the theory of multiple intelligences to basic skills, learning styles, and adult literacy education.

This site focuses on helping instructors and students discover their many intelligences and how to use them effectively in mastering whatever content is being learned in the classroom and at home. The emphasis is on tapping the student's unique and natural learning processes to ensure success.

A key to successful tutoring is understanding what the learner already "reads" well. Although a reader may have difficulty reading print, he or she reads other things successfully, such as car engines, menus, blueprints, football plays, body language, situations. It is your challenge to discover with your learner what he/she "reads" well and to break down how he/she does it. Ask questions to get the learner to explain how he reads a football play. What is the first thing he looks at? What does it tell him? These are some of the strategies he can use to read print.

Try it! Here are a few images to use as examples. Click on an image to bring up a page that explores clues in that image that help you figure out what's going on in the photo.

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