Multiple Intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences

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Headline: About this site

Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and Education was originally developed in 1991–92 as a print-based kit called "Honoring Diversity: a Multidimensional Learning Model for Adults." It was created by Leslie Shelton, Joan Sheldon Conan, and Holly Fulghum-Nutters, and it was funded by the California State Library Foundation.

This site was adapted by Leslie Shelton, Paul Heavenridge, and Cheshire Dave Beckerman to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the Web, which has the potential to address each of the intelligences.

Literacyworks logoThis site is presented by Literacyworks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-quality multimedia curriculum for adult learners. Literacyworks is the Western/Pacific LINCS Regional Technology Center of the National Institute for Literacy. Literacyworks partners with national, state, and local library and education programs.

Special thanks to Dr. Terry Armstrong for his assessment form and to Patrick Tully and Mindset Software for their technical assistance.


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