Multiple Intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences

Headline: We have many intelligences

Meet the Eight Intelligences

The following chart is adapted from descriptions by Howard Gardner. We have changed the names of several intelligences to make them easier to understand and remember. Gardner's label is listed below those that we have changed.

Table Column: Intelligence Table Column: Description Table Column: How to Engage

Table Row: Language
Sensitive to language, meanings, and the relationship of words

Vocabulary activities, grammar, poetry, essays and plays

Table Row: Spatial
Keen observer, able to think in three dimensions, likes to use metaphors

Graphs, charts, color codes, guided imagery, pictures, posters, mind maps

Table Row: Logic/math
Abstract thinking, counting, organizing; prefers logical structures

Critical thinking activities, breaking words into smaller parts and reassembling them

Table Row: Body movement
Good body control and fine motor skills; often active and animated

Needs "hands-on" learning opportunities, like games, skits, and plays

Table Row: Musical
Sensitive to rhythm, pitch, intonation, and can remember tunes and rhythms easily

Likes poems, plays, jazz chants, rap music, songs, and musically guided imagery

Table Row: Social
Sensitive to others’ moods, feelings, and motivations; outgoing and interactive

Likes to talk with people, enjoys discussion groups, good at verbal problem solving

Table Row: Self
Has a sense of self, able to understand and access one’s own feelings

Likes poetry, meditation, guided imagery, journal writing, story telling

Table Row: Nature
Sensitive to nature and environment; knows the names of rocks, flowers, birds; loves to be outdoors

Likes to work in the garden, read plants and animals, study habits of fish or birds, read nature magazines, go hiking, walk outside





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