Multiple Intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences
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Headline: Practice: Engaging the Intelligences

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People who are strong in the spatial intelligence remember things visually, including exact sizes and shapes of objects. They like posters, charts, and graphics. They like any kind of visual clues. They enjoy drawing.

Here are ways to work with this intelligence in your lessons:

  • Write a language experience story and then illustrate it.

  • Study and create maps, diagrams and graphs.

  • Color code words so each syllable is a different color.

  • Write a word on the blackboard with a wet finger. Visualize the word as it disappears. See if you can spell it afterwards.

  • Take a survey. Put the information in a chart.

  • Write words vertically.

  • Cut out words from a magazine and use them in a letter.

  • Use pictures to stimulate reading or writing.

  • Visualize spelling words.

  • Use the say-copy-look method of spelling.

  • Use colorful newspapers like USA Today.

  • Use crossword puzzles.


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