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Multiple Intelligences
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Headline: Practice: Engaging the Intelligences

Icon: Body movement intelligenceBody Movement

People who are strong in the body movement intelligence like to move, dance, wiggle, walk, and swim. They are often good at sports. They have good fine motor skills. They like to take things apart and put them back together.

Here are ways to work with this intelligence in your lessons:

  • Go through your wallet and pull out three things to talk about.

  • Trace letters and words on each other's back.

  • Use magnetic letters, letter blocks, or letters on index cards to spell words.

  • Take a walk while discussing a story or gathering ideas for a story.

  • Make pipe cleaner letters. Form letters out of bread dough. After you shape your letters, bake them and eat them!

  • Use your whole arm (extend without bending your elbow) to write letters and words in the air.

  • Change the place where you write and use different kinds of tools to write, ie., typewriter, computer, blackboard, or large pieces of paper.

  • Write on a mirror with lipstick or soap.

  • Take a walk and read all the words you find during the walk.

  • Handle a Koosh ball or a worry stone during a study session.

  • Take a break and do a cross-lateral walk.


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