Word Games and Puzzles
Here are some fun puzzles to help you practice healthcare vocabulary. You will find a variety of puzzles for different levels of ESL. If you'd like, you can even write your own puzzle, send it in, and see it published.

Scrambled Words and Sentences

* Scrambled Words [BEGINNER]

* Scrambled Sentences - Health Idioms [INTERMEDIATE]

WordSearch Puzzles

* Parts of the Body [BEGINNER]

* Symptoms [BEGINNER]

* At the Pharmacy [INTERMEDIATE]

CrossWord Puzzles

* Staying Healthy [INTERMEDIATE]

* The Body [BEGINNER]

* At the Hospital [INTERMEDIATE]

Links to Other Puzzles and Games

* Body Parts Scrambled Word Puzzle by "Taiwan Teacher" [INTERMEDIATE]

* Body Parts Used as Verbs Crossword Puzzle by Vera Mello [INTERMEDIATE]

* Medical Terms Crossword Puzzle by Vera Mello [INTERMEDIATE]

Write Your Own

Write your own word search puzzle and send it in: Instructions