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This is web site for ESL students.  If you have recently come to the United States from another country, a visit to the doctor can be a strange experience.  Not only is there new language, but customs may seem be different as well. 

With this web site you can practice the language you need for getting medical care.    You can also send in your own writing on health topics and see it published here. Choose an activity and have some fun!
















Practice conversations with healthcare professionals using these sample dialogues.















Improve your reading skills with these articles.  Test you comprehension with a quiz.















Work on your vocabulary and have some fun with these word games and puzzles.















Send in your ideas on some health-related topics.















Writing a poem can be easy.  Use your grammar skills for this creative writing exercise.















A guide to medical resources in the Seattle area.















Get an answer to your health questions, take a quiz...a variety of activites.















Some suggestions for teachers on how to use this web-site






















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