T.O.O.L.S.* for Work (*Taking Our Own Learning Seriously)


T.O.O.L.S.* for Work
(*Taking Our Own Learning Seriously)

At A Glance
TOOLS for Work is a pilot project of the Marin Literacy Program funded by an LSTA Title I grant from the California State Library.

The Course
TOOLS for Work is a 13-session course designed to provide low literate adults an opportunity to determine the next realistic step on their employment path. Literacy providers or job training programs can use it to help these adults actively participate in the development of their own individual employment plan.

The Participants
Job training programs or CalWORKs counselors identify participants who need help with literacy skills before they can be successfully employed. After the TOOLS for Work course, unemployed or underemployed adults who lack literacy skills will be able to identify their deficits and plan to address them.

Course Goal
Participants will be “Taking Our Own Learning Seriously for Work” so that they can determine the appropriate next step on their own employment path.

Participants can be given an initial competency-based literacy assessment at intake interviews. During the last session, participants can be reassessed to determine how much literacy improvement occurred during the duration of the course.

Course Overview
Each session in the TOOLS for Work course is one and a half hours long, except for the 13th and final session which may need to be 2 hours long if reassessment is included.

Topic areas of the 13 sessions are:

  1. Why Are You Here: Introductions
  2. How People Learn
  3. Remembering What You Learn: Practices
  4. Get There from Here: Set a Goal
  5. Get There from Here: Reach a Goal
  6. What You Can Offer: Skills
  7. What’s Important to You: Values
  8. What Employers Want: SCANS
  9. The Culture of Work
  10. Reading and Writing
  11. Getting By or Getting Ahead: Motivation
  12. Employment Goals
  13. Next Steps

Greatest Challenge
The end of “welfare as we know it” has put pressure on counties to assist CalWORKs recipients to find and keep a job in order to become self-sufficient. There is an urgent need for agencies within every county to collaborate successfully to offer a seamless continuum of service to these recipients.

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Instructors Guide
Instructor Guide (832K) pdf
Certificate of Completion (74K)pdf
Bibliography (83K)pdf

Participants binder
TOC participants (93K)pdf
Sessions 1-9 (235K)pdf
Sessions 10-13 (436K)pdf

Calender (68K)pdf
Nouns (83K) pdf
Verbs (73K) pdf
Adjectives (68K) pdf
Dictionnary (94K) pdf
Intro Family Literacy (87K) pdf
Taking Notes (76K) pdf
Foundation Skills Children (58K) pdf
Time Management (65K) pdf
Chlidern Goals Setting (60K) pdf
Reading Maps (63K) pdf
Library Tour (85K) pdf


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