Learning to Learn...
With Style
a video-based learning styles guide for adult basic education

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Elizabeth Hanson and Julie Noble
Barbara AW Wright
Nan Joy and Lynne Sampson
Gloria Gislason

The following people contributed to the development, production and field testing of this project:

Susan Bannan
Pat Guild
Elizabeth Hanson
Nan Joy
Donna Miller-Parker

Julie Noble
Lynne Sampson
Robin Veluce
Jackie Wagner
Delight Willing
Barbara AW Wright

We would also like to thank: Gordon Lawrence for his permission to adapt materials from his book, People Types and Tiger Stripes, published by the Center for the Applications of Psychological Type, Inc., 1993.

The Media Production Center at North Seattle Community College for producing the accompanying videotape.

This project was made possible through Adult Education Act funds (Section 353 PL100-297. amended by PL 102-73) Special Projects and Training funds administered by the Office of Adult Literacy, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.


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