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Your Work Attitudes

1. I am always on time, and sometimes early.      
2. I have a sense of humor. I am cheerful.      
3. I remain calm during a crisis.      
4. I am persistent. I don't give up easily.      
5. I try to solve problems on my own. I don't complain about my problems to others.      
6. I always try to do a good job.      
7. I am able to accept criticism and learn from it.      
8. I use my time efficiently.      
9. I am ambitious. I want to get ahead at work. I want to improve my performance.      
10. I am careful with my employer's property.      
11. I am willing to do extra work.      
12. I listen to others and share my ideas openly.      
13. I am not clannish. I am open to relationships with everybody.      
14. I am able to meet deadlines.      
15. I respect leadership skills in others and work on developing my own leadership skills.      

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