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Who Should Get Promoted?

Lee Ann
Age 34 27 21 47
Marital Status divorced single engaged married
Dependents 2 children; one of them is severely handicapped his mother none wife; 18yr. old son
Education vocational school high school drop-out high school graduate college graduate
Health rehabilitated alcoholic but this does not affect her work learning disabled but this does not affect his work excellent excellent
Years with company 8 5 2 12
Other Qualities works a little slowly; gets along with everybody; sometimes late; always brings a cake for peoples' birthdays good worker; accepted by coworkers; occasionally late; pleasant and helpful; always works overtime talks on the phone a lot; average worker; liked by most coworkers; frequently late; friendly and outgoing excellent worker; does not get along well with coworkers; never late; quiet and moody
Future Plans would like to keep her present position would like to get a better job with the company her uncle is a company director; he would like her to learn the business and get into management would probably change jobs if something better came along

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