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Management and Leadership

Put an "L"next to descriptions of leadership skills and "M" next to the management skills.

____ 1. I write people's job descriptions. I hire people to perform specific jobs.

____ 2. I help others to make decisions for themselves.

____ 3. I ask others for their innovative ideas. I give credit to feelings and intuition. I realize that when workers are involved in making changes, they are more likely to go along with these changes.

____ 4. I realize that mistakes happen, and I help others learn from their mistakes.

____ 5. I involve others in solving problems and making decisions. By problem solving together I get more valuble perspectives and ideas. This also helps to develop the problem solving skills of other employees.

____ 6. I decide the goals of our company and let everyone know these goals at our meetings. I assign specific tasks to people so that they can best help me in achieving the goals.

____ 7. I believe that human beings have unlimited potential to grow, develop and learn. I think it's great if people can perform more than one job in the company.

____ 8. I listen to people. I try not to tell them what to do and how to do it. I know that the workers are the experts on the work they do. I respect them for knowing more about their jobs than I do.

____ 9. I believe that my job is to make sure my company makes a lot of money. That goal is above all others. Sure I feel bad if I have to lay off workers, but that's life in the real world.

____ 10. The customers are important. I believe that when they have ideas on how we could improve things, we need to listen.

____ 11. I explain processes to people so that they are able to make decisions themselves. I believe the workers need to understand the whole picture.

____ 12. I know the process and I oversee others as they carry out the process. They do not need to know about other jobs in the department or company.

____ 13. People see me as the authority. When they don't understand an aspect of their job, they ask me usually more often than they ask anyone else.

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