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Organizational effectiveness, Professional growth, Leadership

Influence skills are essential for all workers, from CEO to those on the front lines. All, at one time or another, may be called upon to influence their work groups or to provide ideas about what anorganization or current task requires. All workers also need to know how the unofficial culture of their organization works to be able to function effectively within it. Promotion or career changes may depend on this knowledge.


Influence Skills (I)


Organizational Effectiveness (O)
IO1 Interpret written and unwritten values and goals of various types of organizations
IO2 Determine the compatibility of their personal and organizational values

Career Growth Within an Organization (C)
IC1 Recognize requirements for career advancement
IC2 Recognize how their behaviors affect their job performance and satisfaction

Leadership (L)
IL1 Understand the difference between management and leadership
IL2 Identify the qualities of a successful leader
IL3 Assess their leadership skills and identify areas for improvement

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