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How to Handle Each Situation

Scene One:
Maybe Tammy's co-workers have rejected her for some reason, and that's why she talks bad about all of them. She is trying to get Sheila to be on her side. Sheila needs to make her own judgments about her co-workers. If she becomes too close to Tammy too fast, her co-workers may figure that she is just like Tammy and not want to get to know her. Sheila needs to get to know everyone on an equal basis. A close relationship with Tammy may do Sheila more harm than good.

Scene Two:
Both John and Erica are doing well. In some environments, John would make more progress due to his outgoing attitude. In others, Erica would come out ahead. Erica's attitude is less threatening than John's. In the long run Erica may do better than John, because she is taking the time to develop stronger relationships with her co-workers.

Scene Three:
Doug should call up his supervisor before she leaves on vacation and share his feelings with her. Perhaps she will be able to give some of the responsibilities to other employees, reassure Doug that he will do O.K., or give Doug specific advice on how to handle various scenarios which may arise during her absence.

Scene Four:
Rosa's performance probably got her off to a good start with the company. She has underestimated, however, all that it takes to be an excellent employee. In general, moving into a supervisory role requires that the employee has had excellent job performance over a long period of time. Rosa is also unaware of all that it takes to become a supervisor. She should start spending more time getting to know her co-workers and supervisor.

Scene Five:
It might seem unfair, but being absent when you first start a job is generally more damaging than being absent later on. When Kyle, or anybody for that matter, starts a new job, he or she is still a big question mark in people's minds. New employees have not "paid their dues" yet. Kyle shouldn't have talked at length about his wonderful camping trip, and he made a big mistake when he didn't thank his co-workers for taking over his workload. Kyle's reputation has been damaged. It will take some time for him to be seen as a responsible person by others.

Scene Six:
Lima should get as much information as possible about the two departments from Mrs. Peterson. Mrs. Peterson has seen Lima work, and could possibly predict which department would be better suited to her. She could advise her to go to one department over another. If Lima decides that having an opportunity for quick advancement is important to her, she should go with Mr. Kent. On the other hand, she might become more motivated by Ms. Lee's style and be happier in that department in the long run.

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