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How to Get Ahead

1. Get noticed. The way to get noticed is to get the job done. When people see that you can get the job done, more opportunities will likely come your way.

2. Develop a network. Get to know people on your job. When they or you move on, keep in touch. When someone helps you, send a thank you note.

3. Don't be threatening to your boss. Many bosses want three things: To earn the company money, to have people around who can get the job done, and to get respect and recognition from others. If you threaten or frighten your boss, you're the one who is likely to be the loser.

4. Carefully evaluate all of the information you hear. When you hear something unusual or exciting remember not to jump to conclusions or make hasty judgments. Consider how the information affects the workplace, the employees and yourself. Check out the source of the information. Don't be the person who enjoys spreading bad news. Don't gossip.

5. No job is guaranteed. You can only count on yourself. If your workplace has the image of being "one happy family" enjoy it with caution. They may expect undying loyalty from you, but when the budgets have to be cut, you may have to go.

6. Share your ideas with others. If you have an idea that you want to push, get people involved with it. When others buy your idea, you take on less personal risk. Also when others see that a group, as opposed to just one person, backs up a certain idea, they may be more likely to consider it.

7. Offer help or resources to others before you ask for help from them. By doing this you let people know your strengths. They realize that you don't want to use them.

8. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. One manager said, "The worst mistake people can make is not to show respect to the support staff. They don't seem to realize that they need these people to get the job done. If the secretary or clerk hates you, you may not get your work done on time."

9. Have a sense of humor. Try to maintain a lighthearted perspective when things don't go your way. Don't pout.

Which of these do you do now?

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