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Guidelines to Facilitating a Group

Facilitating is the process of assisting the group in accomplishing a specific task, or solving a particular problem.

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To start off a meeting the facilitator may:

1. Remind the group that his/her role is to keep the group on track, not to control the decisions that are made.

2. Remind the group of any rules they made for themselves prior to the meeting.

3. Help the group create an agenda for the meeting.

4. Check with each person on agenda agreement and understanding before proceeding.

5. Lead the group in setting times for each item on the agenda.


During The Meeting The Facilitator May:

1. Keep the group on track and working within their time limits.

2. Question whether or not their current discussion is contributing to the desired outcome.

3. Check with people for agreement or disagreement.

4. Summarize what was said after each agenda item has been discussed.

5. Protect the group from being dominated by a few individuals.

6. Bring up conflicts.

7. Identify when a suggestion has been made which the group ignored.

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