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Determining Your Organizational Values

Circle the number of 8 of the following phrases which you could imagine yourself saying. Then write 1, 2 or 3 in the blank showing how important each of those is:

3 = extremely important; 2 = very important; 1 = important

___ 1. "I want my supervisor to be supportive of my efforts and recognize when I do a good job."

___ 2. "I want to be able to participate in making decisions that not only affect my job, but affect the company in general."

___ 3. "I like working with others on projects. It gives me energy. I'd rather not work alone. I like the idea of teamwork."

___ 4. " I want to feel free to say what I want to whomever I want."

___ 5. "I want to work for a company where I feel I have a future."

___ 6. "I want to know how the whole company runs. I'd like to know how to do other people's jobs.

___ 7. "I like to work alone at my own pace. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

___ 8. "I like to do the same things everyday. It makes my job easier to know what is expected of me day after day."

___ 9. "I like to do a lot of different things and have a lot of different responsibilities. Variety is the spice of life. I welcome the new and challenging into my life."

___ 10. "I need to make a lot of money."

___ 11. "For me, the job doesn't end at 5:00. I like having a job where I take work home."

___ 12. "At 5:00 my work day is done. I value my private life. I need to have a job where I don't have to take work home."

___ 13. "It is important to me to be at a job where I know that I am helping others."

___ 14. "I like working with ideas and things more than I like working with people. I'd rather learn how to fix a machine than counsel young people about going to college."

___ 15. "I would rather make an hourly rate than a monthly salary."

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