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What's Going On?

Read each scenario and figure out why each person acts the way that they do. What should be done to change his/her attitude?

1. Melinda is part of a team that punches data into a computer. Each person gets a certain amount of work to do. Melinda finished her work at 4:00. Her co-worker David still has a lot of work to do and isn't sure he'll be able to finish by 5:00. Melinda has her feet up on the desk and is listening to her walkman.

2. Darlene was putting up a display in a department store window. The colors were supposed to match a certain way. Her co-worker Laneeka came by and remarked to her that the colors were not matching. Darlene insisted that she was right, became angry with Laneeka and started an argument.

3. Jose is a gas attendant who is in training to be a mechanic. At work he does just what he is told, no more and no less. His boss drove in and there was litter everywhere. Jose rushed up to his boss and joked, "Can I check the oil for you?"

4. An office supervisor put two people together to work on an assignment. She knew that they didn't get along together. In fact, she even knew the reason why. (One of the women had spread vicious rumors about the other saying she was lazy and got ahead by flirting with all of the men.) Within ten minutes the women were fighting. The office manager yelled, "Get the job done and fight your battles outside of work!" and slammed her office door.

5. Mari was in charge of answering the phone at the stock exchange while the receptionist was on a break. One of Mari's friends called wanting to know how her stocks were doing. Mari found a folder on the desk with the name of the stock on it. It was also labeled, "Company use only...Confidential information." Mari opened it up and let her friend know how the stock was doing.

6. Leon is a stock clerk at a grocery store. He is an excellent employee. The shelves are always stocked in record time. The store is always spotless. One afternoon Leon was very busy stocking shelves. A customer interrupted him to ask a question and Leon snapped, "Can't you see I'm busy!"

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