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What I Like in a Job

Rate the job characteristics below on a scale from 1-4.

1 = Very important
2 = Important
3 = Not very important
4 = Not important at all

____ Work indoors

____ Work outdoors

____ Travel on the job

____ Use my mind (mental ability)

____ Use my hands (physical ability)

____ Work with people with whom I can develop relationships

____ Work with numbers

____ Work with things (rather than people)

____ Have lots of public contact

____ Work where I am my own boss

____ Help others

____ Work under close supervision

____ Compete with other people

____ Work with words

____ Create new programs, new ways of doing things

____ Have a job that's exciting and unpredictable

____ Have a job where I know what to expect everyday

____ Have a job with lots of variety

____ Have a job that provides health benefits

____ Have any kind of job that pays a large salary

____ Have a job that doesn't interfere with my personal life

____ Have a job that uses my talents

____ Feel that my work is contributing to making a better world

____ Have a job where advancement is possible

____ Have a job where I work alone

____ Have a job where I meet interesting people

____ Supervise others

____ Don't have too much responsibility

____ Have a job that I can forget about when I leave it

____ Have a job where I dress up

____ Have a job where I don't have to dress up

____ Have a job which has a lot of stress and is very busy

____ Have a job which is very mellow

____ Have a job where I work with machines

____ Have a job where I drive or travel

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