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What Form of Discrimination Is It?

Read each situation. Under each one write down why it is or isn't discrimination.

1. Joleen was fired from her job as a store clerk when she was 6 months pregnant. Her supervisor told her that the company didn't want to have a pregnant woman representing them.

2. Phyllis has a bad back. Her doctor says she can't lift more than 10 pounds. Super Deal Foods refused to hire her as a stock clerk because the job requires lifting cartons of food that weigh over 50 pounds.

3. Midcity Bus Company refused to hire Fred as a school bus driver because he has several drunk driving convictions on his driving record.

4. Sally lost her job because she complained that her supervisor was always asking her out for a date.

5. Alan is 59 yrs. old. He is an excellent employee but his supervisor will not promote him because he will be retiring soon.

6. Donna lost her teaching job the year after she got divorced. When she asked why she was fired, the school principal told her that some of the parents objected to having a divorced person teaching in their school.

7. Write down a situation that you know of:

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