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Read the following quote by Dr. Martin Luther King and then reflect and discuss the questions below:

"In our society it is murder, psychologically, to deprive a human of a job or an income. You are in substance saying to that human that she/he has no right to exist. You are in a real way deprecating him/her of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, denying in his (or her) case the very creed of . . . society. Now, millions of people are being strangled that way. The problem is international in scope. And it is getting worse, as the gap between the poor and the affluent society increases." (Win, November, 1967)

If you could just put this into your own words, what would Dr. King be saying?

Do you agree or disagree?

How can more jobs be created today?

How is the job market changing today?

Do you agree that there is a widening gap between rich and poor?

Whose responsibility is it to find work? The individual, society or the government?

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