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Steps to Interviewing

Step One: Entrance
Your name is called and you walk into the office. The interviewer extends his/her hand and you shake it firmly. S/he says, "Take a seat" and you sit down.

Step Two: Getting acquainted
At this step you and the employer engage in small talk. S/he asks you easy questions about simple topics, like the weather, or about the area where the interview is taking place. The purpose of small talk is to break the ice and make you both feel comfortable.

Step Three: "Why are you here?"
The employer wants to know why you are interested in working for his/her company. Don't just say that you heard about it in the paper. Instead, share information that you've learned about the company and why you like it. Do make sure that you know some information about the job and the company prior to the interview.

Step Four: "What can you do for me?"
The employer asks you questions about your qualifications and past experience. S/he wants to be sure that you would actually be able to do the job. S/he wants to get the feeling of "Yes, I could use someone with those abilities around here." Be prepared to talk about your skills and qualifications.

Step Five: "Do you have any questions for me?"'
If the following questions were not answered during the interview, you might ask one of them.

"Are there opportunities for training and advancement?"

"Would it be possible to see the actual work area?"

"What will the work schedule be?"

"Who will supervise my work?"

"How soon do you plan on deciding who will fill the position?"

"What will the salary range be?"

Step Six: Wrapping Up
It's time to end the interview. The employer lets you know when the interview is over. Thank the person for the interview. Stand up and shake his/her hand. Say that you look forward to hearing from him/her soon. When you get home send the interviewer a "Thank You" note.

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