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Purchasing Goal Sheet

Fill out this form to help you find out more information about your purchasing goal.

1. What is your purchasing goal?

2. Look at ads, or look up numbers in the phone book of places which sell what you want. Call three of them. What prices do they quote you?

1. ___________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________

3. If it is possible to buy what you want used, look in the classified ads. How much does what you want cost used? What is the difference between buying what you want new and buying what you want used?

4. How many hours would you have to work to pay for what you want?

5. What are your reactions to using the following methods to purchase what you want?

1. Pay cash in full up front

2. Buy it on credit

3. Use layaway

4. Borrow money from someone

6. By when do you hope to have whatever it is you want?

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