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Making Change a Part of My Life
Taken from Managing Transitions by William Bridges

Workplaces are constantly changing. To help you become accustomed to this, experiment a little every day. Choose one of the suggestions below, or make one of your own up.

1. Take a different route to work or school tomorrow.

2. Spend your lunch hour in a totally new way.

3. Ask to be taught a new task at your job site.

4. Make arrangements to go out alone if you seldom go alone, or with a group if you seldom go in a group.

5. Plan to do something this weekend you've never done before.

6. Volunteer to do something you normally wouldn't agree to do.

7. Ask somebody that question you've always wanted to ask him or her but have been too afraid to ask.

8. Visit a church or a community center you've always wanted to visit but never got around to it.

9. Every day this week, find at least one occasion when someone is talking about how things have to be a certain way and ask why?

10. Ask someone for feedback on a work project.

11. Your idea:

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