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The Job Interview

Use a + for desirable, or - for undesirable, to rate the behavior. Use the space below each item to explain your rating.

_____ 1. As Glenn walked into the interviewer's office, he said, "I sure am tired. I gotta set down and have a cigarette. Ya gotta light?"

_____ 2. William arrived for his interview 15 minutes early. After giving his name to the receptionist, he quietly waited until he was called for his interview.

_____ 3. Because Jackie was baby-sitting her two-year-old brother, she brought him along to her interview.

_____ 4. After a fun day at the beach, Blake hurried to his interview at the drug store wearing brightly colored shorts and a T-shirt.

_____ 5. When Joan interviewed at Hamburger Heaven, she said, "Ya know, I would never eat hamburgers. They're too fattening."

_____ 6. When Katie interviewed for the receptionist's job, she said, " I don't have experience answering business phones, but I love talking with people."

_____ 7. Raymond was nervous at his first job interview. He looked at the wall instead of the interviewer and gave simple yes and no answers to the questions he was asked.

_____ 8. Brian said to the interviewer, "I would do a good job as a grounds keeper for your company. For three years, I have had my own outdoor maintenance service, and all my customers have been satisfied."

_____ 9. The interviewer told Sally to make herself comfortable, so she sprawled out on the couch and began chewing bubble gum.

_____ 10. Susan had read the job announcement carefully and did some research, but still was not clear about the job responsibilities. She asked the interviewer to tell her more about the job.

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