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How Is Your Health?

Rate yourself on the following health habits:

1. I get enough rest.      
2. I eat a balanced diet.      
3. I avoid smoking and drinking.      
4. I get plenty of exercise.      
5. I pay attention to health related information.      
6. I have good posture.      
7. I go in for a check-up every year.      
8. I get my teeth cleaned every year.      
9. I treat minor injuries and illnesses promptly.      
10. I make sure to relax during the day.      
11. I strive to have happy relationships.      
12. I feel good about myself.      
13. I enjoy being my age.      
14. I am happy with the choices I make.      
15. I avoid gossiping about others.      
16. I avoid cutting myself down.      
17. I strive to be clean and look my best.      
18. I am optimistic about the future.      
19. I like to see others do well.      

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