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Guideline to Successful Applications

Read through the following guidelines for filling out job applications. Use them to help you the next time you fill out an application.

1. Be prepared. Every job application you fill out is going to want to know the same basic information. They will all want to know: the last three to five places you've worked, their addresses and/or phone numbers, the dates you worked, your salary, your duties and your supervisors' names. They will also want to know the names of the schools you've gone to and the names and phone numbers of at least three references. Copy this information on an index card and carry it with you.

2. Read all instructions carefully. Take your time filling out a job application. Read through the whole application before you start filling it out. It will make a bad impression if you write information in the wrong places.

3. Be neat. Use a blue or black ball point pen. Be sure it doesn't leak. Never use pencil. Be careful not to make mistakes. Scratch marks on an application look sloppy. Some pens have erasers. You can erase mistakes carefully. Be careful of smudging.

4. Print. In general, printing is easier to read than cursive writing. Write neatly and plainly.

5. Don't leave blanks blank. If a question does not apply to you write "N.A." ( not applicable ) in the blank, or else put a small "" in the blank. Doing this shows the person who is looking at your application that you read the application thoroughly.

6. Proof-read your application. Read through your application again before turning it in to be sure you haven't made any mistakes. If you find you made a mistake, which can't be neatly fixed, ask for another application to fill out.

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