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Difficult People

How would you handle each of these people?

Type One: The Aggressor
John, an auto mechanic, noticed one of his tools missing. He marched over to Peter, a shy gas attendant, and began yelling at him, accusing him of stealing his tool. Peter tried telling him he didn't know anything about his tool, but John wouldn't listen.

Type Two: The Complainer
Marcos always complains that his boss is unorganized and doesn't know how do his job, but whenever he sees his boss he acts like the perfectly loyal employee.

Type Three: The Really Nice Person
Mrs. Lee seemed to totally agree with me that the workers should get a raise. Then I hear her talking to Tom and agreeing with him that the workers get paid too much.

Type Four: The Wet Blanket
"I had this great idea on how to organize the food so that 30% more could fit in the freezer. When I showed the boss my design he looked at it for a second and told me it could never work. Then he walked away without giving me an explanation."

Type Five: The Know It All
Janice is an accountant and is known for being a good problem solver. One day two social workers were discussing a problem they were having with a client. Janice loudly interrupted with a suggestion. The suggestion was totally unrelated to the problem. The social workers listened politely until Janice was finished, and then resumed their conversation.

Type Six: The Staller
Morris supervises 12 employees in his department. Three of them come to work high on drugs on a regular basis. Morris never confronts them. His other employees see what is going on and resent Morris for not standing up for what's right.

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