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Describing You

Read the following six job descriptions. What do they have in common?

1. Cashier: Received cash from customers in payment for goods or services. Used a cash register. Made change and issued receipts of transaction. Worked with an excellent level of accuracy.

2. Food Service Worker: Performed a variety of duties, such as cooking, operating the cash register and cleaning. Prepared short order food items, such as hamburgers, fries and sandwiches. Took the customers' orders and relayed them to the kitchen. Worked successfully under pressure in a fast- paced environment.

3. Auto Detailer: Cleaned the interior and exterior of cars, trucks and vans. Washed windows and tires. Polished chrome and waxed the exterior. Vacuumed and cleaned carpets and upholstery. Always worked with a lot of attention to detail.

4. Child Care: Observed and monitored play activities in a medium-sized day care facility. Was directly responsible for five four-year old children. Developed daily activities such as reading circles, music time, and played games geared toward helping the children develop their thinking skills. Prepared and served meals. Maintained a creative, safe working environment.

5. Stock Clerk: Received, stored and issued grocery store food and goods. Counted, sorted and weighed in food and goods to verify receipt of items on invoices. Stored goods in bins, or on shelves. Filled orders and displayed foods and goods out in the store. Successfully worked with an excellent level of accuracy.

6. Telephone Solicitor: Solicited orders for services and donations over the phone. Explained services clearly and spoke pleasantly. Assisted in creating phone scripts. Successfully obtained a high rate of donations.

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