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Assess Your Style

Read each item and think about your own grooming habits. Mark the appropriate response.

1. Do you keep your hair clean?
2. Is your hair nicely styled?
3. Do you bathe or shower daily?
4. If you have a mustache or beard, is it neatly trimmed?
5. Do you use deodorant?
6. Are your nails clean and manicured?
7. Do you brush and floss your teeth?
8. Is your breath fresh?
9. If you wear make-up, does it look natural?
10. If you wear perfume or cologne, is it light and pleasant?
11. Do you wear appropriate clothing to work and school?
12. Do your clothes fit properly?
13. Do your jewelry and accessories match your clothing?
14. Is your clothing clean and free of wrinkles?
15. Are your shoes clean and in good condition?

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