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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Credit

Read each statement. Put an "A" in the blank if it's an advantage of using credit. Put a "D" in the blank if it's a disadvantage of using credit.

_____ Having a poor credit rating can make it hard to get additional credit.

_____ Using credit means you can have what you want right away, rather than waiting for later.

_____ Having a credit card may lead to impulse buying.

_____ Credit is a convenience.

_____ Having a credit card ties up your future income.

_____ Credit cards allow you to travel without being afraid of having your cash stolen.

_____ Credit cards can supply you with cash whenever needed.

_____ The more you buy on credit, the more interest you may pay to the credit card company.

_____ Credit helps you to buy expensive items and pay for them over a long period of time.

_____ Having a good credit rating can help you buy a house.

_____ (Your idea) _______________________________________________________

_____ (Your idea) _______________________________________________________

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