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You Are Going to Move!

Look at the following graph. Decide which location you would choose to move to. Then listen to your partner as s/he explains where s/he would choose to live, and the reasons why that place would be the best.

Tropical Palms
Exotic Mountain
Small Town
Climate humid, sunny, hot year-round hot summers, cold winters hot summers, four seasons
Population many well-to-do people; active night life medium population; tourists small town; friendly folk
Activities a lot of things to do skiing, mountain climbing, camping in the summer very few social activities, people meet at local football games
Economy expensive, living here would require them to live nearly paycheck to paycheck you could save some money, prices go up during the tourist season cheap, you could save a lot
Crime some gang activity, high risk of drug trafficking because of the seaport problem with pick-pocketing during tourist season very little
Housing high-rise apartment, limited space for children to play, buying a house is expensive you could buy a small house you could buy a huge house very easily

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