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What to Do with Reading

Here are some pre-reading activities:

Provide an overview of the material for the students.

Help them connect the information to their current knowledge.

Introduce any unfamiliar ideas and vocabulary .

Let the students know that you are confident that they will be able to read the material.

Generate questions that the students hope to have answered by the reading.

Teach the students reading strategies such as: looking at titles and pictures, thinking about the content before reading, making inferences, summarizing, hypothesizing, etc.

Write conversation questions on the board which serve as a lead in to the reading and have the students discuss the questions in small groups prior to reading.

Here are some activities you can do after reading:

Help students to connect the information to their lives.

See how many of the questions that they generated earlier were answered by the material, and write down any new questions that emerged.

Small groups can make quizzes for one another based on the material.

Write a summative or sequential paragraph describing the material.

Make a flow chart showing sequential events.

Answer questions created by the instructor.

Give a speech or have a debate on the subject.

Do role-plays in connection to the subject.

Create a bumper sticker/newspaper headline/poster to capture the main idea.

Use the reading as a jump off point for writing assignments.

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