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Successful Teams

Working as part of a team is common in today's workplace.

1. Successful teams have shared goals that everyone knows and agrees on.

2. Successful teams have a climate of trust and openness.

3. Team members can express a new idea without the fear of being embarrassed or criticized.

4. Successful teams promote a sense of belonging. Everyone feels valued.

5. On successful teams, differences of opinions, ideas, and experiences are valued.

6. Team members on successful teams,are encouraged to try doing things in new ways.

7. On successful teams, people discuss their problems openly.

8. The team members on successful teams realize that they need each other's knowledge, skill, and resources in order to accomplish anything.

9. Members of successful teams make decisions together.

10. On successful teams, when someone takes the role of leader, s/he facilitates rather than dominates the group.

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