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My Autobiography Worksheet

1. What is your primary racial and cultural background?

2. Where did your ancestors come from?

3. What languages did your ancestors speak or study aside from English?

4. What kind of work do/did people in your family do?

5. In terms of work, how are you similar to and different from the people in your family?

6. What were some of the values you were raised with?

7. What are some beliefs and values that you have that other members of your family don't seem to share?

8. In your family, what kinds of behavior were considered bad?

9. How were the children disciplined?

10. What community events did your family participate in?

11. What kinds of food did you eat?

12. How was drinking , smoking and drug use viewed?

13. How were people different from you viewed? How was life seen outside of the house?

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