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Leadership Self-Assessment

Assess your leadership. Put a check mark on the appropriate line.

Usually Yes
Usually No
1. I question others' ideas and politics but seldom face to face.    
2. I strive to find out and meet the needs of the customer.    
3. I feel good when I measure the results of my hard work, rather than the time it took.    
4. I feel comfortable thinking of others' needs.    
5. I readily listen to the opinions of others.    
6. I feel comfortable sharing power and control.    
7. I seek out and move on new opportunities.    
8. I express my feelings easily to others.    
9. I am able to easily share my accomplishments with others.    
10. I am aware of my own strengths and weaknesses.    
11. I feel comfortable in conflict.    
12. I feel comfortable with change and making change.    
13. I make goals.    
14. I am able to motivate others.    
15. I am constantly looking for ways to improve.    
16. I feel comfortable knowing people look at me as a model for what is good.    
17. In general I am a confident person.    

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