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Is This Sexual Harassment?

Are the following statements true or false?

1. ____Sexual harassment has to be physical.

2. ____ People who are sexually harassed and continue working at the same place must not mind the harassment.

3. ____ Telling dirty jokes isn't sexual harassment as long as everyone laughs.

4. ____ Sexual harassment is related to issues of power and domination, not sex.

5. ____ If someone sexually harasses you it is a compliment. That person finds you attractive.

6. ____ The employer can get into trouble if s/he knows that an employee is being sexually harassed, but does nothing about it.

7. ____ The supervisor can't do anything to prevent sexual harassment.

8. ____ If someone is sexually harassed it usually doesn't affect their work performance.

9. ____ Sexual harassment can occur between two people of the same sex.

10. ____ There are laws against sexual harassment.

11. ____ The victim defines sexual harassment, not the courts.

12. ____ Employers should provide their employees with policies and penalties regarding sexual harassment.

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