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How Do Good Listeners View the World?

People who are good listeners have a certain way of looking at the world around them.

1. Good listeners believe that listening to others is important. They take the time to listen to others. People trust them and usually openly share their problems and concerns with them. Because they take the time to listen, they make valuable employees and superior executives.

2. Good listeners believe that everyone has something valuable to say. These listeners don't just listen to people who are in higher positions, they also listen to people who are just starting out. As a hotel manager, this listener would listen carefully to a maid's ideas on how to improve household operations.

3. Good listeners believe that feelings are as important as facts. When they listen to you, they not only pay attention to the words you say, but also to the words that you are not saying. They pay close attention to your body language and tone of voice. If you said that you were happy with your job, but looked down and didn't seem happy, the good listener would ask you more questions in order to be sure of what you were really saying.

4. Good listeners believe that when they really listen to someone, they help to increase that person's self-esteem. They believe that people feel cared for, valued and important when they are listened to.

5. Good listeners let the speaker control the conversation. They don't interrupt in order to change the topic of conversation.

6. Good listeners believe that people are capable of solving their own problems. They don't try to solve other people's problems, or tell them what to do. They realize that the more people talk about a problem, the more likely they will come up with their own solutions to that problem.

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