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Group Effectiveness

Interpersonal, Negotiation, Teamwork

Group Effectiveness skills contribute to higher productivity and product quality as people work together to reach common goals. Many workers, however, lack the skills necessary to work in teams because they have not been taught to do so in the past. The use of teams in the workplace is a recent phenomenon tied to increased emphasis on high performance work groups. Teamwork requires good interpersonal and negotiation skills. As our workforce becomes more diverse, workers at all levels must be able to relate to people who are different from them in language, culture, lifestyle, etc. Good interpersonal skills, the ability to diffuse conflicts, and appreciation for diversity will be necessary to function effectively in the workplace of the future.




Interpersonal (I)

GI1 Develop relationship skills including trust, risk-taking, empathy, listening, sharing, responsibility, respect for others, and expression of feelings.
GI2 Recognize and respond in an appropriate way to differences in values, class, culture, ethnicity, lifestyle, point of view, and personal characteristics.
GI3 Identify another's strengths and limitations.
GI4 Respect differences in points of view, lifestyles and values.
GI5 Recognize sexual or racial harassment in the workplace and identify appropriate steps to address it.

Negotiation (N)

GN1 Understand the concept of conflict and use strategies for handling it
GN2 Understand the benefits of negotiation and when to use it.
GN3 Negotiate a work-related issue.

Teamwork (T)

GT1 Understand the concept of teamwork, courtesy and cooperation.
GT2 Identify and assess roles on a team and norms or rules of behavior that contribute to a team's effectiveness.
GT3 Identify issues around team leadership, including leader and follower styles.
GT4 Be an effective and flexible team member.
GT5 Understand different work environments and their effects on teams.
GT6 Demonstrate effective inter-team communication.

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