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Ethics and Business

Sophia and Rosalind have been good friends for the past 10 years. They work in the same small company, the Worldwide Travel Agency. Sophia is the agency manager. Rosalind is the accountant and is very grateful to Sophia because Sophia got her the job.

Not long ago, Sophia confided in Rosalind that she was having financial difficulties because of the many hospital and medical bills related to her husband's illness.

As the company accountant, Rosalind has notices a steady decline in the company's profits over the past year. She estimates that about $20,000.00 is missing After her own investigation, she has come to the conclusion that Sophia has been stealing money fROm the company.

Rosalind must consider many points before deciding what to do. One of them is the fact that she is next in line for Rosalind's position. Another fact is that Sophia is one of her best friends.

1. What would you do in this situation?

2. Do you think Rosalind should confront Sophia? Why? Why not?

3. In your opinion, what should Rosalind do if the president of the company suspects her of taking the money?

4. What is you definition of true friendship? Give some other examples of how friendship can conflict with the workplace.

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