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Eight Instances of Cultural Discomfort

1. Irritating accent

"I have to work next to this foreign guy at work and even though he speaks English, I can't understand a word he says. It really gets on my nerves. Every time he starts talking, I tune him out. I don't see why they let people into this country when they can't even speak English right."

2. Someone stands too close

"Every time I go up to this lady to talk to her, she moves in really close and holds on to my arm. I swear her face is so close I could kiss her if I wanted. It really bugs me. She stands closer to me and tries to touch me more than my own husband does!"

3. Homosexual

"I found out that this guy at work is gay. I used to like being around him and a few times we even ate lunch together. Now I can't stand to be around him. I'm afraid he is going to try to make a move on me."

4. Different color
"I don't see why that colored family wants to move into our neighborhood. It seems like more and more of them are moving in, wanting to buy up our houses and move us all out to another part of town. I get sick of being pushed around by them. I wish they'd all stay where they belong!"

5. Disabled

"I ride the bus with this handicapped lady in a wheelchair. I always try to sit far from her, because I'm afraid she might try to talk to me, or need some kind of help, and I wouldn't know what to do. For me it's best to avoid her."

6. Different Religion

"I don't have anything against people who go to that church, but I certainly wouldn't allow my son or daughter to marry one of them. Their beliefs are really strange. You put them all together and they're clannish, like a bunch of bees, and if you aren't part of their group, they treat you like mud. I'm not prejudiced, but I can't stand being around them!"

7. Female Boss

"For some reason I don't mind taking orders from a guy, but every time my boss with her long hair and high heeled shoes tells me to do something, I feel like telling her where to go. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think she should be at home making cookies or something."

8. Senior Citizens

"I see those old folks behind the wheel all of the time and when I do, I make sure to move away quick. I just don't trust them. They drive slowly, their reaction time is slow, and they can't see or hear a thing. They should all get their licenses taken away!"

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