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Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 4

When I am in a situation where I don't belong to the dominant culture:

1. I realize that because of my background I have something significant to contribute to any situation.

2. Even when I am rejected, I take pride in my culture and help others to feel good about their cultures.

3. I realize that I have to learn new things in order to succeed in the dominant culture.

4. I look for people in the dominate culture who can help me to understand how things work.

5. When I succeed in the dominate culture, I make sure not to separate myself from others in my culture.

6. I share what I learn about the dominate culture with others like myself.

7. I realize that when the pressure is on and I am stressed out that I tend to make my culture right and the others wrong.

8. When I am in mixed company, I mix with everyone. I don't just stay with people from my culture, or only with people from the dominate culture.

9. I don't blame the dominate culture for everything that goes wrong.

10. I share with others the accomplishment of my culture.

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