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Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 3

Read through the list of cultural sensitivity items and circle the item number that you have experienced.

When I am in a situation where I belong to the dominant culture:

1. I listen to people from other cultures when they tell me how my culture affects them.

2. I realize that people from other cultures have fresh ideas and different points of view to bring to my life and to the workplace.

3. I give people from other cultures advice on how to succeed in my culture, without acting like I am putting down their ways.

4. I give people my support even when they are rejected by other members of my culture.

5. I realize that people outside of my culture could be offended by my behavior. In fact, I've asked people if I have offended them by things I have done or said, and have apologized whenever necessary.

6. I realize that when I am stressed out that I am likely to make myself and my culture right and another culture wrong.

7. I respect my boss regardless of where s/he is from. I do not go over his/her head to talk to someone from my culture in order to try and get my way.

8. I make people from other cultures aware of the prejudices in my culture or organization.

9. I go out of my way to work with, recruit, select, train, and promote people from outside the dominant culture.

10. When people in my culture make jokes about or talk bad about other cultural groups I let them know that I don't like it.

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