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Assessing Your Listening Ability

Use a (+) if you are excellent at that skill and could easily teach others how to improve that skill.

Use a (/) if you are average at using that skill. You do as well as most people you know.

Use a (-) if you feel you need improvement in using that skill.

____ I listen for the other person's feelings, not just to the words they say.

____ I paraphrase what other people say to me.

____ I don't interrupt..

____ I am open-minded to ideas, some of which I don't think I agree with.

____ I remember what people say.

____ I am willing to express my feelings.

____ I don't complete other people's sentences even when I think I know what they are going to say next..

____ I make eye contact..

____ I don't think of what I'm going to say next while the other person is talking.

____ I ask the person questions in order to get more information and show that I am interested in what s/he is saying.

____ I am comfortable with silence.

____ I am aware of a person's body language and my own body language.

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