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What Would You Do in These Situations?

Situation #1:
Laquita has been working at a government agency for the past three months. She doesn't have her GED, so this was a good opportunity for her. The office is far from her house. Laquita takes 3 busses to get to work and to drop her daughter off at childcare everyday. Laquita doesn't feel very comfortable at work, she doesn't feel that she wants to talk about her home life because she feels that the people in the office wouldn't have a clue about where she is coming from. Lately her daughter has been sick, so she has had to take a lot of time off. She tried to take her to the daycare, but the daycare said to pick her up. It's a big hassle as she has to take three busses. All the other women at work seem to have cars. Laquita has another problem: she has decided to get an abortion. She doesn't want anyone to know, so the morning of her abortion, she calls in sick. Her boss sounds very angry on the phone.

Situation #2:
Joe has been working at the C&C factory for nearly five years. Everyone likes him. Lately however he has been calling in sick a little too much. When he does come to work he reeks of Listerine. His clothes always look a little messy. He is irritable. People around him think he is drinking and that it is affecting his work. He is a little defensive.

Situation #3:
Shanice has just completed a clerical skills job training program and completed her GED. She has a 2 year old son and lives in low income housing. She recently put a restraining order on her boyfriend. However, she doesn't feel safe so she has just given notice to her landlord. It's the 7th of the month. She has to be out of her apartment by the 31st. She doesn't have a job or day care.

Situation #4:
Charles has been looking for a job for over 5 months. He has just gotten out of prison after serving a three year sentence for aggravated assault. At the time of the crime he had been using drugs. Now he has been clean and sober for 4 years. He feels he is not getting jobs because he puts "yes" on the box that says felony. He feels that no one will give him a chance. He also feels strange to be back in society. His brother is getting tired of him living with his wife and three children. Charles is getting depressed.

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