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Too Many Rooms, Not Enough Time!

Employees from the City Center Hotel in the downtown area are having their monthly staff meeting. Everyone is complaining. Management is upset because the rooms in the hotel have consistently not been ready for guests to move in. Many guests have left and have found other hotels. The employees are angry because they feel that they have too much work to do and are not paid enough for their time. This is the second time they have met. They have already brainstormed the main causes for the problem. They are:

  • Many guests don't leave their rooms on time.
  • When someone is sick, employees have double the work.
  • The cleaning supplies have to be shared.
  • The elevator is often busy or broken.
  • There is high turnover, so there is a gap in hiring.
  • Some people clean more thoroughly than others.

Everyone agreed that these are the main problems. Together they created a survey to give to employees immediately after finishing their shifts.



When you finish your shift, mark any of the following that were problems for you.

1. _____ I had no problem. I was able to finish cleaning all the rooms in my shift.

2. _____ The guests were not out of their room yet.

3. _____ Someone called in sick.

4. _____ Many of the supplies were being used.

5. _____ The elevator was too busy or out of order.

6. _____ Someone quit, so my work load was double.

7. _____ There was not enough time to do a good job.

8. _____ Other problems: _______________________________



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