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Thinking Skills
Problem Solving, Higher Order, Creative

Thinking skills give workers the ability and desire to overcome obstacles on the job that are impeding productivity or creating a dysfunctional work environment. Problem solving skills comprise the ability to recognize a problem, think of alternative solutions, select and implement a solution, assess its effect, and adjust as necessary.




Problem Solving (P)
TP 1 Identify Problems
TP 2 Generate ideas about the causes of a problem
TP 3 Identify the cause of a problem
TP 4 Identify solutions to the problem
TP 5 Choose appropriate solutions
TP 6 Apply appropriate solutions
TP 7 Evaluate the solutions
TP 8 Modify the solutions needed

Higher Order Thinking Skills (H)
TH 1 Analyze the components of a process, procedures, or system
TH 2 Compare the effectiveness of at least two processes, procedures, or systems
TH 3 Draw conclusions or make predictions about a process, procedure, or system
TH 4 Evaluate the effectiveness or efficiency of a process, procedure, system or decision

Creative Thinking Skills (C)
TC 1 Generate new solutions to common conditions or problems
TC 2 Organize and process diverse kinds of information in meaningful ways

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