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The Past and Future Search

The Council Meeting

The Central Area Community Council Meeting is being held. One of the agenda items is crime control in their community. The Central Area Community is about 60% African-American, 20% Asian-American and 20% Hispanic and European-American. It is an urban environment where unemployment among youth is increasing and drugs, crime, gangs and prostitution are on the rise. The community's goal is to take steps toward greater self management in the community. They are in the process of getting suggestions to give to the city police, the greater city council and the Mayor's office. Past community goals were set up during the early 70's. The main goals were:

1. For the City to provide adequate police protection in the Central Area

2. For the City to provide economic opportunities in the Central Area

3. To construct more low income housing

4. To provide bussing opportunities to better educate youth

The Central Area Community Council would like to create goals that are more in line with the 90's and which empowers themselves and their youth. Using the reading above and your own ideas, what might be some of their new goals?

The Council decided on the following goals:

a. To increase cultural identity and awareness among youth

b. To encourage cooperative projects between Asians and African-Americans

c. To improve relationships between police and youth

d. To increase the number of African-American and Asian police officers in the community

e. To generate business opportunities in the Central Area which are owned and managed by local residents

f. Create exchange programs between the Central Area and other urban communities and large cities

g. Improve schools located in the Central Area

h. Keep bussing as a option rather than a city mandate

i. Increase the number of job training programs

j. Limit the number of low income units being built

k. Target gang members for local job training programs

Compare the list of goals which were developed in the 70s and the new list. How do they differ? What might be the outcomes for the list from the 70's/ 90's? What are the underlying assumptions for both lists? For example: integration, separation, etc.

Make a list of programs which might be implemented into this community.

Make a list for your community:

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