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The Job Site

Rosa, Lamont and James are all carpenters for the Northwest Construction Co. They work all over the city on commercial sites. They are all full-time carpenters and have been working for this company for over two years. This morning all three arrived at work and waited nearly two hours before their materials arrived at the site. All three spent most of the morning complaining about the company, especially about not getting a raise in quite a while. After the materials arrived, James and Rosa got into an argument about who would be able to use the only power skill saw on the site first. Meanwhile, Lamont had to wait for both of them to finish before he was able to start, so he left to get more donuts. All of them were feeling angry and frustrated.

Today a foreman came to the site and told them all they were behind schedule and that the company was losing money. He went on to say that when the company loses money, they have to cut workers, especially those workers that don't meet deadlines. James yelled at the foreman and said that if the company were more organized, they could meet deadlines. The foreman got angry at James and said that he might be first on the list to go!

The following parts 1-7 all refer to this Job Site problem.

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