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Which Teacher Would You Choose?

Read the descriptions of both teachers and decide which teacher you would rather have.

Teacher One

My second grade teacher's classroom was very warm and cozy. There were friendly posters on the wall, an aquarium in one corner and a comfortable beat up couch in the reading area. The class was always a little messy, but to me it was comfortable.

My second grade teacher was easy going and friendly. We all knew all about her private life and she knew all about ours. Her lesson plans changed easily depending upon what interested her or us at the moment. For example, one day when we were studying fractions, it reminded one student of eating pizza. The next day the teacher brought in pizza and we used that for our math lesson and our lunch, and then we had to write a paper about pizza and fractions. For many students she was exciting. To others, she was unpredictable and I don't think they ever did adjust to her class.

Teacher Two

My second grade teacher's classroom was very neat, clean and orderly. Everything had its place and right when you walked in the classroom you saw a big neatly lettered poster called "Class Rules." Everyone knew what to expect in her class. On the first day of school she handed out a list of objectives for the school year, and for the rest of the year, she worked hard to make sure that every student learned each of those skills. She had quizzes weekly which showed her who caught on to the skills she had taught and who needed additional help. I felt comfortable in her class because I knew what the skills were that I was going to be learning, and after taking the tests I could feel good about having learned those skills.

I didn't know much about my teacher's private life and I don't think she knew much about ours. In fact, I didn't even realize she had a son in kindergarten until almost the last day of school. I liked my second grade teacher, but I know that other kids acted-out in her class. I don't really know why?

Which teacher would you choose and why?

Why would you have a more difficult time with the other teacher?

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